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9th-Nov-2010 07:57 pm - 'The Virgin of the Navigators' - Alejo Fernández

'The Virgin of the Navigators' - (Click on image for large view)

This painting and many more of the Virgin found at 03varvara.wordpress.com and posted by Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Alejo Fernández (1475 - 1545): Spanish painter, Alejo Fernandez married fellow painter Pedro Fernandez’s daughter and took their family’s name. He worked mostly in Seville, painting in a mixture of Flemish and Mannerist styles. One of his most revered pieces was the painting, Virgin of the Navigators, depicting Spanish activity in America. Best known for his portrait of Christopher Columbus painted between 1505 and 1536. Fernández arrived in Seville from Cordoba in 1508. He died in Seville around 1545. --From The Art World
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